New Technology in Commercial Kitchen Design

Technology makes a huge difference in the everyday running of the restaurant. A right concept, applied to your business, can add bottomline income to your existing revenue streams.

Are you seeking an innovative model of cuisine based on the knowledge of traditional products and Slow Food’s philosophy, or perhaps, you need a new kitchen for your Fast Food or Fine Dining restaurant?

New technology in the kitchen combines both, sciences and humanities to develop knowledge of food products and how they can be easily produced for the best customer’s experience. If you make a right choice, it will improve your restaurant workflow and bring you a profit at the same time.
But how new technologies in the restaurant kitchen design could help you to achieve these goals?


Innovative Technologies in Restaurant Kitchen Design


Restaurant’s guests around the world are already signing credit card bills with their fingers on touchscreens and using apps to order at fastfood restaurants. But does this innovation really bring you more money? Or it is just a trend?

If you work in food service industry, you should keep an eye on the innovative technologies that are improving the way restaurants do business, and when I say do business, I mean particularly how to end up with better final products and bigger revenue by implementing innovation in restaurant kitchens. This is the main reason why restaurant owners reinvest a lot of money in kitchen technology that gives them an edge.


Finding New Ways to Restaurant Kitchen Design


When we talk about commercial kitchens, it’s not about size, but what we do with it! Designing a new commercial kitchen is never easy. In the beginning, progress rarely results in what we imagined.
There are so many important factors to take into consideration such as space, budget, seating capacity, the number of staff that will be working in a kitchen, and of course, type of restaurant service.

But the most important question to designing or fitting a commercial kitchen is : “What kind of food you will be serving?”

So, it is obvious that when it came to fitting a new commercial kitchen it took a lot of consultation before the task has been completed. And even when your designer finished his hard work and everything looks perfect, you still need to make a choice and calculation of costs for kitchen equipment.
And yes, problems just start here, and often, designers need to start a new project, cut costs to fit into the budget.

Fortunately, some people recognized the problem that designers faced. And they decided to get creative. They created the perfect solution for both kitchen designers and restaurant owners to leave problems like this in the history, once and for all. They made Specifi Design.

Specifi Design allows you to make design decisions that will not end up with an unrealistic budget for restaurant owners. It is compatible with a range of design tools and data standards like Autodesk Revit but also connected with hundreds of global manufacturers.

It allows you a 3D view of your commercial kitchen with a specification of kitchen equipment that includes technical and commercial details provided by suppliers. It also gives you analysis in realtime of the project with a summary of total list price, power consumption, gas and heat output. You will get the real picture of your new innovative restaurant kitchen in action!

By connecting all important points into the one specification Specifi satisfies both, restaurant owners and designers, but also streamline dealers and manufacturers in the Foodservice Industry so they can work better together.
This software truly revolutionizes the way of the commercial kitchen design. It is a perfect tool for foodservice operators who are looking to take their business operation to the next level.

The industry transformation has happened before, but the pace of change is now much faster. Specifi design together with Autodesk Revit as a BIM software for the 3D technical representation of the layout allowing you to have a real experience of the workflow in your restaurant kitchen.
This is currently the best 3D software platform at the market that transforms and delivers the kitchen design concepts into measurable results.


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